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Published on: Mar 19, 2015 by Admin

Signs I Need a New Roof

This winter in New England has been a rough one. Many homeowners have been impacted by the massive amount of snow we have received. Countless homes have been plagued with water leaking into their homes. Does water leaking mean I have to get a new roof?

The short answer is no. There are many factors that contribute to roof leaks. Weak spots can be created in your roof over time. A few ways that water is able to get into your home include leaks at the joints or along the flashing. The joints between two sloped sections of roof as well as the chimney are highly susceptible to leaking and most of these problems can be corrected with repair work. Flashing is a material used around chimneys, pipes, vents, and other protrusions on your roof. Broken or cracked shingles can cause leaks to happen as well. While some of these can be minor problems, if left alone, it will cause the wood to rot and mold to grow, which, in turn, creates bigger issues.

Determining Factors That You Need a New Roof Are:

1. The age of your roof. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, the typical time period your roof should last is between 20-25 years, according to the experts. With that being said, do you know what is under your roof? Is there one layer of shingles? Two? Three? Is it properly ventilated? Chances are, if your roof is over 20 years old or has one or several layers of shingles underneath it, its time for a new roof.

2. Are you missing shingles or are some curling or buckling? Make sure all the “tabs” are complete or whole. Look at the slopes of your home where sun exposure is at its highest. Do you see shingles that are curled or buckling? Are some losing granules? Are there dark “dirty looking” areas on your roof? This could mean the shingles are past their life expectancy and you should consider hiring someone to inspect the roof and determine if a new one is needed. Be sure to check your gutters as well for roof granules. This is another sign the shingles may need to be replaced.

3. Do you have excessive energy costs? Insufficient attic ventilation can cause your heating/cooling system to run continuously. If this is the case, call a professional to come inspect your roof.

4. From the inside: Venture up to the attic and check for roof deck sagging, water damage or leaking, or light shining through. If any of these are happening, you may want to have someone inspect the roof.

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