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“Our roof was leaking in the master bathroom. After reviewing several companies on Angie’s List I called, On the Top Roofing. I called first thing in the morning, they called back by late morning and were at my home that same afternoon. The gentleman that came out went on to the roof and identified the problem immediately. The builder of my home in one section did not stagger the shingles correctly and the rain was able to get in through the straight seam that was there. I was told it was a easy fix they would just have to replace the shingles on that section. I was told because it was just outside work I did not need to be home, which meant I didn’t have to take time off from work. They fixed the problem and I haven’t had any leaks since.”

“Tim was very responsive from the time of my first inquiry right though until job completion.

All work was performed on-time and as expected. Tim is very professional and a pleasure to deal with. Everyone remarked that it was one of the neatest roofing jobs they had ever seen. Not a nail or errant shingle in sight. Would recommend him to anyone who asked. Thank you Tim and On Top Crew!”

“I called on a Wednesday and he came out on Thursday. He sent someone out on Friday and repaired the damaged area. I am so pleased with this company that if I could give it A ++++++++++++++ I certainly would. Everything about the service they
rendered was more than I had ever expected. Thank you….Thank you…Thank you. They ARE the BEST !!!!”

“In a word, outstanding from start to finish. On Top Roofing was one of three roofing contractors I contacted to replace the roof on our approximately 2400 sq. ft. Colonial style home. Tim Womer/On Top Roofing returned my initial phone call promptly and scheduled a convenient time to come to our home to inspect the roof and give an estimate.

He arrived at the scheduled time and began with a thorough inspection of the roof and chimney. He took the time to explain the condition of the roof and suggested alternatives to replacing the entire roof. We elected to replace versus repair the roof. He went into his truck and within approximately 15 minutes provided us with a detailed, computer generated printout estimate of all the work to be provided. He also took the time to answer all our additional questions and told us to call him if we had any other questions.

Tim and his team were prompt, professional and extremely courteous throughout the entire job. They worked diligently and quickly. They took extra precautions to ensure all the debris was disposed of properly and the job site was meticulously maintained.

The entire experience was positive and hassle free. If you are looking for a professional and experienced roofing contractor, On Top Roofing is without doubt the best choice for the job.”

“Tim Womer from On Top came to give me an estimate for a complete roof job, soffit venting, chimney work, and gutters. Since I have multiple jobs to be done, I have had about 10 contractor come. He was, by far, the best person to work with from all of people I have had come out. I found out as he was leaving (because I asked him about the rest of his day) that he actually had a lot to do, but I never knew it from the time he was willing to spend with me. He made sure that I understood everything he was telling me about. He offered options that others had not mentioned to me and provided a website link that helped me to verify the validity of one of them that I was uncertain about. He didn’t assume that the chimney problems meant and rebuild from the roof up, but carefully checked it out first. It ended up being that it does need to be rebuilt, but I pretty much knew that already. He actually printed out a computer copy of the quote from his truck before he left. (I didn’t have to worry about deciphering a contractor’s handwriting on a hand-written copy.) He was patient with my questions, including a phone call the next day and an e-mail or two. He also revised the quote a couple of times because of changes I made or decisions I made on options he listed. I’ve been very pleased with his work so far.

I have chosen On Top Roofing to do the work both because of Tim and because his quote was on the lower end of the estimates I was getting. (Because I am paying for this work as part of a refinancing of the house, we have to wait until after I close on the refinance, so the work is tentatively scheduled for mid September. There was no problem holding the quote that long.) A bonus was that On Top uses two different brands of shingles so there were more options of colors and styles.

Here are the details of the pricing I was quoted: The roof work (lifetime 110 MPH rated shingles, ridge vent, 6′ ice and water, 8” drip edge, 30 lb. roof paper [synthetic was available for a little more money], new pipe boots, flashing, up to 100 sq ft of repair work, and the bathroom vent) – $9,201 Chimney rebuild w/ new caps – $2,132 – Cap for rear chimney – $120- Soffit venting – $726

He told me that his crews do not do gutters, but that he has a contractor that does them for him. He said that he doesn’t make money on gutters but only charges what his contractor does. I chose not to have On Top do the gutters because I found them much cheaper through a contractor that only does gutters. His gutter quote was $1,608, which I found a little high, but still in range with many other quotes. However, I found a local gutter company that would do it for a lot less, partly because they chose to discount their price since the gutters would already be off the house due to the soffit work.

The only reason for the “B” for responsiveness was that when I e-mailed Tim to let him know that I chose On Top, it took 3 days for me to hear back. However, that wasn’t all that long, and, who knows, maybe he was out of town.”

“For six years we’ve tried several times to get roofing contractors to give us an estimate on what it would cost to install a powered automatic roof vent with a humidity thermostat in our attic. Most companies failed to even show up or gave lame excuses for why they couldn’t make it and those that did show up gave us a bid and when we accepted then we never heard from them again stating the job was to small. On Top Roofing, not only showed up on time, but went the extra mile to explain the various options. We got the estimate several days later by email, on company letterhead, clearly showing the work to be performed and the price. The actual installation went smoothly and the crew cleaned up after themselves. The only problem was the thermostat was faulty through no fault of their own causing the fan to run continuously. To their credit, they came out on the fourth of July (yes the holiday) to trouble-shoot the problem. While they were not able to fix the issue at that time, they were able to get a replacement part within a week. The attic vent fan is now working flawlessly, and we could not be happier. Our experience with On Top Roofing has been excellent so far and I look forward to having them perform some additional roof related work. We also, will look forward to write an additional review on the additional roof work they will be doing. We do believe they will complete timely and competently as they did the installation of the Automatic Power Attic Fan.”

“Workers were fast and thorough. All tasks were completed in a professional and timely manner. Roof looks and functions perfectly. No leaks in valleys even in the terrific winter a few years ago with people having problems with ice dam leaks in their homes.I would highly recommend and use this company again.”

“Overall, the job went well. I would refer them and re-use them. They cleaned up after themselves.”

“They did work on a problematic area of the roof. There was some discoloring and cracking in the area, but I can’t be sure that it wasn’t there before. There wasn’t anything that stood out with them. I would use them again, if needed.”

“Tim and his company, On Top Roofing, definitely went the extra mile for us. We had damage to our roof caused by tree limbs that fell on it during the October 2011 storm. The original adjuster that our insurance company sent only inspected the roof from the ground and we were only given enough money to replace a few damaged shingles.

Tim (of On Top Roofing) did a thorough inspection of the roof and found quite a bit of damage to the roof. He provided an estimate and advised us that the entire roof needed to be replaced because of the extensive damage and the impossibility of matching new shingles with the old. He advised that we talk with our insurance agent to get another (roof expert) adjuster to come-out and look at the roof. The insurance company sent a roof expert to take a look at our roof – and Tim came to our house to meet the adjuster and discuss the damage. The second adjuster did a thorough inspection of the roof and agreed with Tim that roof need to be replaced.

Tim dropped off sample roof tiles, so we could pick out the color and style of the new shingles. He and his crew showed-up on the agreed upon day and finished the roof quickly (two days). They did a good job cleaning up.

He he came back a few days later to walk us through his work and make sure there was nothing left to finish up. And, he was good with returning calls and communicated well.

The high-end architectural shingles make the whole house look great.”

“They were professional over the phone. They responded quickly. They got me the estimate within a couple of days.”

“I was pleased with their work. They were considerate to my neighbors and very accommodating with me as I wasn’t able to be present during the work. They put down tarps and cleaned up everything completely afterwards. It took them awhile to get the work started but they were always up front with me about setting up the appointment.”

“Overall, the experience was excellent. Tim Womer is very knowledgeable, professional, and articulate. His assessment during the bid process was very thorough. He answered my questions, and proposed several solutions to the challenges I presented. The crew he managed was hard-working, respectful, and fast. Not only did they do a terrific job of installing all of the above, they made every effort to clean-up all debris. I would highly recommend Tim and On Top Roofing.”

“The job went great. Tim and his crew were great to work with. They explained in great detail what the process involved and made sure everything was completed as promised. They even helped us with some problems we were having with a window that was leaking and didn’t charge us a penny.

If your contemplating roof work, give these guys a call!”

“We started to have water dripping from the ceiling during rain storms. We called our insurance company and they told us that we had to contract a roofing company. We checked Angie’s List and found On Top Roofing to have favorable reports. We contacted them via Angie’s List. Tim asked that we call him at his office to discuss the situation and schedule a good time to come out and take a look at the roof. He came at a good time and said that he would send us an estimate. Tim was very pleasant and did a good job at explaining the problem and what needed to be done. The estimate came and the price was acceptable. They were very busy at the time and we were going to have to wait a month but to our delight it was done sooner than expected.. The job took about a half a day and since then we have not had any problem with water coming in from the ceiling caused by any roofing problems.”

“On Top Roofing was very professional starting from the initial contact when they came to my house to discuss the roofing work that I wanted done. They explained why the screened in porch roof was leaking at the location where it joined the existing house, and what they would do to repair the leak. They showed me the differences in the types of roofing shingles. The total job took one day, which is what was promised initially.”

“The owner returned my initial call & came over promptly to give me an estimate for the job. Most of the roofers I called did not even return my call. There were some delays in getting the job started but I think they were mainly weather related and possibly due to overbooking.”

“The gentleman that came out was very, very nice. Everything he did was very, very good. He was a polite gentleman and he came early, which was good. It was a free estimate. He was very professional. We ended up having the work done by a friend but we would definitely get another estimate from him. He talked proper with us and he was real. He was honest and truthful. He told us what we needed and didn’t try to sell us anything else. He took a look at the job at hand and gave us an estimate on the time and price. His whole professionalism was very good.”

“I called Tim to come to our house to give us an estimate for applying a rubber roof to our home extension. He was very prompt and informative (unlike many other roofers that I called). I could tell from his diagnosis that he was very knowledgeable and experienced in the roofing business. He provided a very reasonable estimate shortly after his visit. It was important to me to have the work done very soon before the cold weather set in and thankfully Tim made time in his busy schedule to meet my needs. The work was top notch and I no longer have leaking problems in my roof. It was a pleasant experience.”

“Very professional – came to view a possible roof leak, inspected attic as well as exterior roof and fortunately no leak – good company.”

“They were excellent. I would highly recommend them. The owners name is Ken and he from the very start was very professional, very accommodating. He came out and discussed what needed to be done. He took about an hour of his time to sit down with my husband and go over everything point to point without anything being rushed. He did not pressure in any way cheaper form and said that if I did end up working with them then he wouldn’t require a down payment deposit and would except the payment once we are satisfied. He maintained that during the whole project. He walked around with my husband throughout the project from the very beginning until they finished making sure that my husband was satisfied. They were very competitive in their prices as well. I first contacted On Top Roofing about two moths ago. The roof was $5600 and it was still $300 less than the best competitor’s price. I would call them again in a heart beat.”

“The guy looked at the roof and said that I didn’t need roofing, but I needed to repair my chimney. He recommended somebody to repair the chimney. I ended up not needing any roofing work. He was very professional. He made a very thorough inspection of my roof and said that there was nothing wrong with my roofing and recommended a company to take care of my chimney. I haven’t seen his work, but my interaction with him was an A. His responsiveness and punctuality was very good. I would call him if I need roofing work in the future.”

“Tim is a pretty easy guy to talk to. He seems very honest and willing to work with me. There are two guys named Tim who came out to help me. Everything is holding up just fine. We weathered the storm well.”

“Tim Womer of On the Top Roofing was terrific! He was very responsive to my request for an estimate on the roof for my dad’s house. He gave us the best price to replace the roof , did the work as stated and on time. He checked in to make sure we were happy with the work before sending payment. He was honest and ethical, not pushy at all. The roof is guaranteed for 30 years, more than other companies. He knew we were under at time constraint and got our job done on time, in spite of inclement weather. A true professional! Definitely will get my repeat business! The new roof is beautiful!”

“I really was impressed with Tim and his guys from start to finish. When Tim came to give me a quote, he was thorough with his inspection of the house, answered all my questions and made me feel very at ease. He came back within a day and handed me a very detailed quote and again answered any questions i might have. I ended up not calling him for about 3 weeks to arrange a date to get the house started. He stuck to the quote given, even though the cost of the supplies had gone up a little. They arrived on the day they said they would, and went right to work. they got the whole house done, including the re-leading of the chimneys, the flashing and eaves back up in three days. The cleanup was wonderful and they actually left the yard in better shape than when they got there. Even my neighbors were impressed with their professionalism and cleanliness and are planning on using them for a painting project next year.

I would highly recommend them to anyone!”

“I found someone else who could do it cheaper. They were very nice. He came over right away when I called but they just came in higher. He was very professional. I would consider using him for another job.”

“On Top Roofing” did an excellent job.

I had the roof done on my parents house & they were very respectful & kept me informed of all major events.

I would highly recommend them for anyone needing roof work.

“In general, the workmanship was excellent. No problems with them. They did what they said they’d do, showed up when they said they would. I have no complaints. They were very professional and exactly what I needed. The were reasonably priced.

“The roof had 3 layers of old shingles that had to be removed. All debris was cleaned up quickly with no damage to yard and landscaping. Roof was covered with new architectural shingles with great attention paid to preventing any leaks in critical areas like the 4 dormers that are on the hip roof. Installation included ridge vents, ice/dam underlayment, some chimney repainting and removal of dumpster. In view of all the recent damage to other homes this past winter due to ice damage, my roof did not leak at all. The workers were professional, un-intrusive and conscientious  They finished the job very timely and never stopped working. A call back from the company was received after the first heavy rainstorm to assure everything was ok, it was great and I thought this was very considerate. I would recommend On Top Roofing to anyone who is thinking of getting a new roof for their home.”

“Excellent. Tim and his guys truly saved the day for us.”

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"Excellent planning, communication and results. Reasonably priced also... extremely happy with On Top Roofing"

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