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On Top Roofing offers full-service commercial roofing services for projects ranging from small stores to large warehouses. We work closely with architects, contractors, building owners, and property managers to provide the most appropriate roofing solution to fit your needs.

Commercial Roofing Materials:

  • Metal Roofs. To protect all that’s under your business’ roof, metal roofing is one of your longest lasting options. On Top Roofing can extend its life even more with our periodic application of an elastomeric coating that prevents rusting and galvanization. Life expectancy is 50 plus years.
  • Single-ply Membrane. A great option for a long-lasting roof. Our single-ply membrane is cost effective and easy to maintain. Installation is torch-free and it performs great under the elements. With high reflectivity in our white and tan options, it qualifies for energy star approval.  Other standard color options include black and grey.  Life expectancy is 20-35 years.
  • TPO. In the single-ply family, this thermoplastic roofing is ideal for flat roofs.  TPO sheets are heat-welded to one another to become one impenetrable unit that protects your building from all the elements.  TPO is also resistant to most chemicals.  Life expectancy is 20-30 years.
  • EPDM.  This synthetic rubber is highly resistant to heat and water though it is not heat-welded. EPDM is a great option for flat roofs that have positive pitch so that water does not collect on its surface. Life expectancy is 25-35 years.
  • PVC.  Thermoplastic PVC roofing is extremely strong, as its heat-welded seams form a permanent, watertight bond that is stronger than the membrane itself. PVC membranes are sometimes referred to as the Cadillac of single-ply membranes. Life expectancy is 25-35 years.

As certified installers, we offer the best warrantees in the area; our low slope roofs are installed with a 15 yr warrantee. So whether you need a repair to an apartment building or a major repair to a shopping center we are dedicated in delivering the best materials and workmanship to your project on time and within your budget.
We realize your business needs to keep operating during the roofing process. We minimize our obstruction to parking and entry ways to keep your operations flowing smoothly.

What Our Customers Say

"Tim and company did a great job on our roof. It was done when they said it would be done and priced at a good rate. The professionalism of the team and expertise was evident. I would highly recommend OnTop Roofing for any roofing needs."

- Adam Currier, Holden MA via Angie’s List Image Read More Testimonials
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No Job is too big or too small. From simple repair work on a small private home, to a new roof for a large industrial building, we’ve done it all.

Certifications & Recognition

Certifications & Recognition

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