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Published on: Apr 5, 2018 by Admin

How Quickly Can a Roof Repair Be Completed?

New England weather is anything but predictable, and with season after season of intense storms, your roof may be a little bit worse for the wear. If you’ve noticed a leak or damage to your roof, you know it’s important to get a repair as soon as possible. Most people need the help of a professional roofing service for roof repair. So how quickly can a roof repair be completed? It actually depends on quite a few factors.

How Quickly Can a Roof Repair Be Completed?

Most people don’t realize that when it comes to roof repair, often the most time-consuming part of the process isn’t the actual repair – it’s the scheduling! Once a contractor comes to your home, most roof repairs can be completed in just a few hours (keep in mind that if your roof is badly damaged, a roof replacement may be a better option). While the repair itself may be quick, it can often take a few weeks to schedule a contractor.

Factors Affecting Scheduling

Time of Year

Fall is often considered the best time to have your roof replaced or repaired – and for good reason. The fall weather is ideal because it’s not sweltering hot, but it’s also not snowing. Contractors can safely work on top of the roof, and once the work is done, the shingles have time to seal before the harsh weather sets in. Other times of the year can be more difficult to schedule because the weather is less predictable – will there be a snow storm? What about rain or a heat wave? One important factor to keep in mind is that the best time of year for roof repair will also be the busiest time of year for contractors. For this reason, spring or summer may be the best time to think about repairs; temperatures are nice and schedules will probably be more open.


While the time of year is important, it’s also vital to consider the current weather. If you call during an unseasonably warm winter week, it may be easy to schedule a repair, but if you call during a blizzard or in the middle of a rainy week, you may have to wait.

First Come First Serve

Once you take into account these other factors, keep in mind that other homeowners in your area are looking for roof repairs too! When the weather is beautiful and it’s the perfect time of year for roof work, you won’t be the only one calling. This is often the most difficult part of roof repair to predict. If many different people are looking for roof repairs at the same time, there is going to be a wait.

So When Can I Schedule?

Because there are so many variables, it’s impossible to accurately answer this question without speaking to a contractor. When the weather is fine and few people are looking for repairs, On Top Roofing might be able to send someone to your home the next day. However, if the weather is bad or there are lots of people already scheduled, it may take anywhere from 4-8 weeks. When you know you need a repair, your best option is to pick up the phone and call us. That way, we can give you a straight answer when you need it.

Do you have roof damage or leaks that need to be repaired? To find out how quickly you can receive your repair, We’re looking forward to speaking with you.

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